Uni-Coat 2000 TS


Uni-Coat 2000 TS is a single component, water based, temporary corrosion-preventing primer based on a styrene acrylic dispersion, carefully selected anti-corrosion pigments and additives.

  • Excellent corrosion resistant
  • Good early water resistant
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Early blocking resistance
  • High performance, is a multi coat system
  • Developed for use in a automatic application process

Recommended Usage:

As a strong temporary corrosion-resisting coat on blasted steel.

  • Protective coating for outdoor use
  • Construction steel
  • Tubes
  • Machine parts

Ordering Information:

Packaging: 200 Drums and 1000 Litre Containers

Product code: 02063009

Weight : 1,24 ± 0,05 Kg/L.

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