Uni-Coat 5000 SUB-K


Uni-Coat 5000 Submersed-K is a two-component, solvent free, 100% solid, epoxy based underwater coating, formulated from special selected epoxy combinations, and it is glass flake reinforced.
The system exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and is able to withstand severe physical stress caused by wave action and on top of that the system is resistant to 10% HCL/seawater and 10% sulphuric-acid/seawater solutions.
Uni-Coat 5000 Submersed-K is ideal for underwater repairs and can also be used on glass reinforced materials and concrete at new construction as well as maintenance.

Recommended Uses:

Specially designated as a hand/spray applied repair coating for application to submerged steelwork/concrete and splash zone areas of offshore jackets, piling and other permanently wet areas where conventional coatings cannot be used.

  • Structural steelwork/concrete
  • Lock doors (above and below water level)
  • Offshore and Marine structures
  • Tank repairs
  • Repair of cracks, including old and damaged concrete

Ordering Information:

Packaging: 5 Litre, 10 Litre and 20 Litre sets
Product code: 0509201-xx
Weight : Comp. A: 1,54 g/cm3.
Comp. B: 1,04 g/cm3.
Mixed: 1,33 g/cm3.

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