Uni-Coat 5000 MIOX


Uni-Coat 5000 Miox is a two-component, solvent free, 100% solid, epoxy based intermediate coating, pigmented with a high load of micaceous iron oxide (MIO) which exhibits excellent barrier protection. The plate-like structure of MIO provides protection of sharp edges, corners, and welds. Ideal for maintenance painting and fabrication shop application. Can be applied directly to marginally prepared and damp surfaces.

  • VOC Free
  • No dew point restrictions
  • Outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistant
  • Discolours in direct sunlight!

Recommended Uses:

Intermediate/repair coating for protection of steel surfaces. Developed for environments where high moisture occurs and where chemical and mechanical loads are heavy:

  • Petrol and aviation fuel storage tanks
  • Smart Crude Oil Tanks
  • Ships, Offshore and Marine structures
  • Bilge areas
  • Water treatment plants
  • Waste water tanks

Ordering Information:

Packaging: 20 liter sets
Product code: 0507301-xx
Weight : 1,62 ± 0,05 Kg/L.

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