Uni-Coat 3000 MC Finish hg


Uni-Coat 3000 MC Finish hg is a single component, moisture curing, high gloss aliphatic urethane finish. Designed for low temperature or high humidity application. Providing UV- and chemical resistant equal to high-end 2-part polyurethane coatings.

  • Excellent resistant to yellowing, chalking or degradation by sunlight
  • Can be applied in below freezing temperatures (no ice or frost at the surface)
  • Can be applied at 99% relative humidity
  • No dew point restrictions (surface must be visible dry)
  • Outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Easy to apply, fast curing

Recommended Uses:

For use over properly prepared surfaces in Industrial, chemical and/or marine environments:

  • Heavy duty interior and exterior structural coating
  • Cargo Holds, Ship decks
  • Coating for steel, aluminium, concrete
  • Water and Water Treatment Facilities
  • Tank Exteriors
  • Marine and Port facilities
  • Offshore platforms

Ordering Information:

Packaging: 1, 2½, 5, 10 and 20 Litre Cans
Product code: 07xxx-xx
Weight : 1,28 ± 0,05 Kg/L. (average, colour dep.)

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