Uni-Coat 3000 MC Micafinish


Uni-Coat 3000 MC Micafinish is a single component, moisture curing, flat (lo-gloss) aliphatic urethane finish, enriched with micaceous iron oxide (MIOX). The plate like structure of MIOX provides maximum surface tolerance, enhanced strength, edge protection and greatly enhance the coating’s barrier properties. The flake themselves provide a “tortuous path” for any molecule that may be detrimental to the substrate.

  • Can be applied in below freezing temperatures (no ice or frost at the surface)
  • Can be applied at 99% relative humidity
  • No dew point restrictions (surface must be visible dry)
  • Outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Easy to apply, fast curing

Recommended Uses:

For use over properly prepared surfaces in Industrial, chemical and/or marine environments:

  • Heavy duty interior and exterior structural coating
  • Cargo Holds, Ship decks
  • Work Boats
  • Hydro-power facilities
  • Refineries
  • Marine and Port facilities
  • Offshore platforms

Ordering Information:

Packaging: 1, 2½, 5 and 10 Litre Cans
Product code: 06xxx-xx
Weight : 1,76 ± 0,05 Kg/L. (average, colour dep.)

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